Just saw the best chiropractor in the world, Howard Fidler. First time I have worked with a chiro who adjusts just what is needed and has never created more issues after an adjustment!
— Cheryl Leitschuh, President at Leitschuh Leadership Consulting
My body is my greatest asset. Chiropractic is the number one thing helping me out. If I have an injury, the first person I call is my chiropractor. What Dr. Howie has done has helped my career. Without chiropractic, I would not have been able to play in the NFL for 13 years.
— Tony Richardson - Retired NFL Pro Bowl Fullback
I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to come see you last night to be adjusted. After 2 days of pure pain, and not being able to use my dominate arm/hand, I was becoming very frustrated. After being treated last night I woke up this morning pain free and able to use my hand and arm again! My pain went from a good 8 to GREAT! I’m so thankful and blessed to have you and Jodi in my life!
— Kimberly Jensen, Shift Supervisor at Bruegger's Bagels
If you want a top notch Chiropractor whose treatments are not temporary, then Dr. Fidler is you man. As a top MMA fighter my body is everything to me. I walked in with limp and inability to move my hip properly and left with a normal gait, better posture and no pain. Thank you Doc!
— King Mo, Bellator MMA Professional Fighter
My family has had the pleasure of working with Dr Fidler for the past 5 years. He has treated all members in our family, ages ranging from 5-40. He also treated members of my extended family when they were in town, and in pain!! He does an excellent job of treating patients in many stages of life. He has treated us for concerns ranging from back pain, neck pain, sports related injuries and pain, pregnancy related aches, and earaches. He is always extremely professional during appointments. He is incredibly flexible with scheduling of appointments, and typically could see us “same day” as our request. He is very responsive with communication in and outside of the office. He is very well read on various treatment techniques, and is able to adjust treatment options for the current patient. He is also able to suggest additional lifestyle modifications which are relevant to current pain and/or malalignment. Dr Fidler made a significant impact on our lives, and we are so fortunate to have been treated by him!!!!
— Christa Willits, Physical Therapist and mother of 5
Dr. Fidler has been my chiropractor for many years. I trust him wholeheartedly and feel very confident with whatever he tells me and anything he recommends for me! It’s so wonderful having a health professional on your side who has your best interests at heart. Not only does he give me excellent chiropractic care, but he truly cares about ‘me’ and I feel that with every visit. How often are you greeted at a clinic with a huge smile and a hug? You’re the best, Dr. Fidler – thank you for making me feel so well taken care of!
— Michelle Stimpson, Life Coach, LifeShine® http://www.lifeshinecoaching.com/
Dr. Fidler helped me out when I needed it the most.. Here I was with my lower back hurting tremendously before a huge boxing match, my first time being the main event on a card and being looked at by millions of people and by current and future sponsors. I talked to Dr. Fidler and asked him for help, so here I was in the middle of a convention and skeptical it could work after he introduced me to Xionx bands which were so many around why would one be different than the other? So I had Dr. Fidler evaluate and adjust me and within seconds I was so much better and 100% ready to take on my opponent. He gave me a Xionx band which I kept on me during my fight and i could feel the difference in my balance, power, speed, and endurance. That night I won my fight. The next day I contacted Dr. Fidler and thanked him and that next day I did not just obtain a new sponsor but I made a great friend. Unlike many people Dr. Fidler cared about me and my needs gave me the attention I needed and resolved my problem and to this day forth I can’t go a day without my Xionix band and I thank Dr. Fidler for everything. If at all possible I will never fight again without him by my side.
— Levi Bowling Pro Athelete (Boxer and MMA) and Actor
Dr. Fidler took great care of me at Invicta FC 7. He has extensive knowledge in his field and made himself very accessible to me. I would reccommend him to any athlete in need of chiropractic or acupuncture.
— Barb Honcheck - Invicta FC 125 lb World Champion
Thanks for always being there for my family. You are always on speed dial in the Christopher household. P.S. Aidan was 50% better the next day and 100% the day after. Going from not being about to move his head to 100% in less than 48 hours. You are a necessity for the boys and their sports.
— Michelle Christopher, wife & mother
Kink in my neck? What kink in my neck? Slept like a baby. THANKS!
— Carissa Miller, crew member at Trader Joe's
Thank you for the AWESOME adjustment today!! We appreciate your knowledge and expertise.
— Angela Bremer, DC
Before last night, I had my doubts with chiropractors. My faith was restored after about 5 minutes with Doctor Howard Fidler. I can breathe better than i have in 12 years and have almost full range of motion in my surgical arm. Thank you very much. You are the real deal Doc
— Erik Sands, MMA & Grappling Coach
For 6 months, severe back pain has limited my performance and playing time in soccer and football. My pediatrician, a specialist and physical therapy haven’t been effective in diagnosing or treating the pain. But after two treatments with you, I feel great and even played in Friday night’s football game. I can’t thank you enough for helping me back onto the field!
— Alec Youngblood, high school athlete
THANK YOU...u are the BEST!!!! I can’t believe how it totally caught up with me today...I left yoga in tears! The PAIN was so bad! The 43 dance classes and yoga 4 days / week has finally caught up with the bulging disc in my back!
I can MOVE, I am so lucky to have you and Jodi in my LIFE...Sorry you guys had to mop up the tears today! I am so THANKFUL!!!!
— Melissa Hemmeke, dance teacher
Special thanks to Howard Fidler for fitting me in this weekend for a last minute appointment. Really appreciate Jodi encouraging me to make the drive to check him out. If you’re in the Twin Cities and need a chiropractor, check out Dr. Fidler.....he’s the best!
— Nina Person, Clifton Larson Allen Licensure & CPE Coordinator
My lower back is usually tight and stiff, I thought it was in my back, well when you work with Howard Fidler things are not always as they seem. He adjusted my foot/ankle and I’ve felt like $1M ever since. Thanks Doc, I am blown away!
— Josh Cormany, Entrepreneur
Everything is feeling really good!! The past two days of track practice has been going super well my knee doesn’t hurt at all. I can’t thank you enough for fixing my ankle and knee problems!!! I m so excited for the rest of my track season now without having the knee and ankle pain that I use to have.
— Sammi Anderson, high school athlete